We are a precision machining industry having strong work experience in this field since 1981

Material Traceability

Bar coded raw material (Material traceability) – Each material is bar coded for traceability with its respective composition and dimensions

Detailed Verification

Detailed verification of raw material using spectro gun (online re-verification of material in process) – The composition of material is verified before it is sent further for machining.

ERP System

ERP system for better productivity (Home grown ERP constant innovation)  A home grown ERP system to manage day-to-day business, increase productivity and get real-time data reporting, contributing to improve customer and employee satisfaction

State of the Art Machine Shop

Our company implements the most advanced tools and a series of latest generation machines manufactured by reputed and well-known companies such as Fanuc, Mazak, Amada, Dmg Mori, BFW, Hartford, etc. and various cad-cam software to mazimise efficiency and get faster machining time without compromising precision machining

Various Surface Treatments

Polishing, De-burring, Anodizing, Electroplating, Powder coating, shot blasting and various high tech surface finishing can be provided as per customers requirement

High Precision Roller Balancing

Our Precision Roller Balancing experience provides our customers with the assurance that tolerances will be met and well documented.

 We can hold precision tolerances down to .000030 TIR and .000050 straightness on certain applications. 

Weight Calibration

Inhouse balancing and Precision weight calibration to enable machining of critical machine parts which require a very high degree of accuracy – stability and repeatability

Advanced Inspection Tools

Inspection using advanced tools to accurately measure what we manufacture

Packaging as per Customer Requirement

Packaging as per customer requirement, safe transit and storage to customer

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100% traceability

100% traceability of finished parts (due to process rigidity and repeatability)